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I have read somewhere about it happening within two weeks or two months after fluid change as a general estimateHow much coolant to add after radiator drained - posted in Maintenance: Hi everyone, After the engine coolant is drained and flushed, how much new coolant should my mechanic have put back? A jug of Peak concentrated coolant is 3
any ideas? i live in kansas so it gets pretty cold here so not sure if that makes a difference

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A good-quality antifreeze of the ethylene-glycol type, with full anticorrosive additives, should be left undisturbed in the cooling system for about three years — summer and winter
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Radiator hoses are an integral part of your cooling system and are critical to maintaining proper engine temperatures
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Replacing the radiator fluid is a good thing to do (at least every 2 years)If you have ever found your vehicle missing coolant with no visible leak on the ground or on or around your cooling system, the problem could be a worn out radiator cap, which allows coolant to actually escape while you’re driving

How To » Automotive » Maintenance & Repair » Auto Maintenance » How To Drain Radiator Coolant Hook a volt meter with the positive lead to the positive on the battery and then stick the negative lead in the coolant

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Automatic : If you own a car with an automatic transmission, your car will have a dipstick for this purpose) Under most driving conditions, antifreeze should be mixed with distilled water at a one to one ratio, or half antifreeze and half distilled water
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If we have to replace the radiator we only

A radiator drain and fill is all that is required, though some back flush the engine block (I do not)35k miles, its 8 yr old fluid should I change it now? Hi David; my older Mustang (1986) also has the overflow tank on the side of the radiatorbob dylan you re a big girl nowMany people may advise you to flush it once a year, giving the reason of risking the pH level of the coolant along with causing damage to the car's lower tubesmy stepmom's obsessed with me or something entirely else.

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Alternatively, the technician can remove the drain plugs on the engine block, which lets all the coolant drain out of the engine and cooling system components, and then top up with new coolantLearn how you can keep your cooling system in shape by flushing and filling the systemnike 5.0 free run womensNow, we have a way to knowing how to replace transmission fluid in Chevy Silverado 1500

Any tips on how to get back there or other suggestions on what else it could be would be greatly appreciatedThe fluid requiredGetting coolant mixed with your ATF would mean there is a problem with your radiator

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Feb 08, 2017 · The coolant also flows through hoses into and out of the heater, which, like a miniature radiator, gives up its heat to the surrounding air

It could be anywhere along the bottom of the radiator and will be either a screw plug, bolt plug, or a petcock (simple drain valve)Jul 04, 2016 · This is based on a complete drain, including the block

So now that you know it’s important to flush your cooling system, and you can’t remember when the last time it was done, let’s get startedTransmission fluid 2My mechanic poured half of the coolant into an empty windshield wash bottle

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